Ishtar Transition Housing Society is committed to preventing, breaking and ending the cycle of abuse.


The Society believes that no person should be subjected to any type of abuse.  We believe that people have the right to personal autonomy; political, economic, and social equality; and the right to live free of violence and from other forms of abuse. Women’s experiences, voice and wisdom are unique and vital in our Society.  The decision to leave an abusive relationship is respected.  Members and staff of the Society believe that all women and children have the ability to reach their optimum level through strength, knowledge and courage.


The Society provides supportive services to assist women, children and men in our community, from all walks of life, race and belief systems who have experienced abuse.  The programs are designed to help individuals become the very best that they can be through counselling, support and empowerment.  The staff and volunteers of the Society work with other community agencies such as the courts, the hospital, mental health and social services to ensure that each resident/client is given as many options as possible from which to choose.

All services of Ishtar Transition Housing Society are funded by The Government of British Columbia, Gaming, Individual and Community Donations.